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Reading: Epidermolysis Bullosa – Tread Carefully!!


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Epidermolysis Bullosa – Tread Carefully!!


Raksha Kundal,

Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, IN
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Ranju Singh ,

Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, IN
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Neha Verma

Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, IN
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Patients with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) provide a unique and complex challenge for the anaesthesiologist. This is a rare inherited group of diseases characterized by excessive fragility of skin and mucous membranes. These patients tolerate compressive forces to the skin but barely tolerate friction and shearing forces. Major challenges to the anaesthetist include establishing adequate monitoring without damaging the skin, issues with positioning, high possibility of difficult airway, compromised immunity and nutritional deficiencies, and other comorbidities. We present a case of a 4-month-old baby boy with epidermolysis bullosa simplex presented with blisters and ulcers all over the body, posted for thoracoscopic plication for diaphragmatic eventration. We highlight that with meticulous preoperative planning and extreme attention to prevent any shearing or frictional forces, anaesthesia can be delivered safely.
How to Cite: Kundal, R., Singh, R. and Verma, N., 2022. Epidermolysis Bullosa – Tread Carefully!!. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology, 30(1), pp.85–88. DOI:
Published on 11 Jun 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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