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Reading: Continuing Enteral Nutrition in Prone Ventilation


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Continuing Enteral Nutrition in Prone Ventilation


Suganya Sabaretnam

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, GB
About Suganya
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital
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Enteral nutrition (EN) is safe and essential to overall patient outcomes especially for the critically ill and therefore should be continued during ventilation in prone position as these patients by default tend to be the most critically ill. The incidence of vomiting, increased gastric residual volume (GRV) and ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) are not increased when compared to feeding in supine position. It is important to keep the bed in inverse Trendelenburg position of 30 degrees while continuing enteral feed in prone position. Prokinetics are indicated for patients with high GRV. Naso-gastric (NG) feeding is not inferior to post pyloric feeding.
How to Cite: Sabaretnam, S., 2021. Continuing Enteral Nutrition in Prone Ventilation. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology, 29(1), pp.3–6. DOI:
Published on 28 Apr 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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