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Reading: Amitraz poisoning: a lesser known pesticide poisoning


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Amitraz poisoning: a lesser known pesticide poisoning


P. Gupta

Safdarjang Hospital and Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, Delhi110034, IN
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Attempt at suicidal poisoning occur with the intake of any harmful chemical substance available in the vicinity of the victim. Amitraz is an ectoparasite repellant and insecticide used inagriculture and veterinary medicine. Amitraz poisoning is unusual, may be associated with severe symptoms. Amitraz intake is rarely lethal and management is symptomatic. We report a case of a suicidal attempt with ingestion of 15ml of 12.5% amitraz by a 34-year old youth. He was found in a state of unconsciousness. He had miosis, persistent bradycardia and severe hypotension. The patient was managed symptomatically and was discharged in good health over the next 36 hours.

How to Cite: Gupta, P., 2017. Amitraz poisoning: a lesser known pesticide poisoning. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology, 26(1), pp.47–49. DOI:
Published on 20 Dec 2017.
Peer Reviewed


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