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Reading: Audit to evaluate preoperative visit to patient by anaesthetist


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Audit to evaluate preoperative visit to patient by anaesthetist


Ganeshanathan Vyhunthan ,

Senior Registrar in Anaesthesiology, District General Hospital, Mannar, LK
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NG Aeshana de Silva

Medical Officer in Anaesthesia and Intensive care, District General Hospital Mannar, LK
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Pre operative assessment is an important component of anaesthesia. This remains the most efficient and accurate way of initially detecting significant morbidity. Patient satisfaction is an essential achievement when receiving general anaesthesia. The aim of this audit was to identify whether patients were satisfied with the preoperative anaesthetic assessment. Of the 300 patients audited 95% were seen by an anaesthetist before surgery. Preoperative instructions, fasting instructions were given to 94.39%, while only 42.1% of the patients were aware of the type of anaesthesia prior to surgery.  35.44% received an explanation from the anaesthetist regarding modes of post operative analgesia, and 94.38% of the patients had a percentage satisfaction of more than 50%. 90.88% of the patients were satisfied regarding the time spent with them prior to surgery. Patient’s questions were answered only on 83.86% of the occasions. 96.14 % of the patients were relaxed following the pre operative visit.


Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology.2012:20(2);88-91

How to Cite: Vyhunthan, G. and de Silva, N.A., 2012. Audit to evaluate preoperative visit to patient by anaesthetist. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology, 20(2), pp.88–91. DOI:
Published on 09 Jul 2012.
Peer Reviewed


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