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Reading: Rett Syndrome: a challenge to an anaesthetist


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Rett Syndrome: a challenge to an anaesthetist


Namrata Maheshwari ,

Assistant Professor, Dept of Anaesthesiology, Sir Grant Medical College, IN
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Deepak Gandhi

JJ Hospital, Mumbai, IN
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Rett syndrome is a progressive neurological disorder of females characterized by dementia, severe autism, movement disorders, growth retardation, microcephaly, seizures, muscle wasting, scoliosis and an abnormality of respiratory control 1 .These patients may show a characteristic abnormal respiratory pattern consisting of episodes of tachypnea and irregular respiration, intermixed with apnoea, observed only during wakefulness.2 Anaesthesia is challenging in this rare subgroup of patients with its multiple comorbid presentations. This report provides a practical approach comprising of vigilant monitoring and proactive actions like preoperative oxygenation, anti-epileptic medications, adequate fluid infusion and unilateral spinal anaesthesia restricting level to T 10 to avoid respiratory distress for anaesthesia in a patient with Rett syndrome for sub trochanteric fracture nailing.


Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology 20(1): 53-55 (2012)      

How to Cite: Maheshwari, N. and Gandhi, D., 2012. Rett Syndrome: a challenge to an anaesthetist. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology, 20(1), pp.53–55. DOI:
Published on 21 Apr 2012.
Peer Reviewed


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